My desire is to help you on your journey of becoming the person God intended you to be. I hope to inspire, influence and lead you toward achieving your maximum potential. There you go, that's my mission statement...  Oh! You want more?


I am an enthusiastic writer, career coach and speaker and the author of an upcoming book on Values. I focus on personal development, values and emotional intelligence, in an effort to deliver value that will help enrich your life. I write about success, leadership and the challenges to living a life of fulfillment. I write and lead from the heart, leaning on my business, coaching and athletic experience. I combine these skills with a strong belief in God.


I'm the proud husband of a loving, sassy wife and the father of a beautiful, rambunctious toddler! I’ve been blessed with the best parents and brothers any man could ask for. My happiest moments are spent with family and close friends. My passions are writing and coaching basketball. While I live in the southern U.S., you'll still find me in the Bronx a few times each baseball season cheering on my beloved Yankees.


Come along on your life's journey with me. I encourage you to live boldly and create the life you've envisioned in your dreams. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and hopefully learning more about yours!



Christopher Connors


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