I help high-achievers gain clarity, achieve better results and grow as leaders. When you work with me, you begin the journey to taking you career and life to the next-level to achieve your biggest and boldest results. We accomplish this by creating a customized game plan with clear, measurable goals and success measures built on the foundation of your values, purpose and definition of success. I rely on my 15 years of working with executives, senior leaders and managers for top management consulting firms, Booz Allen Hamilton and Slalom, and empower you to become the architect of your dream life and career.  

I've helped hundreds of talented individuals build the life they truly want. I know I can do the same for you.

Featured Recommendation: 
"Chris worked closely with me to create a game plan for career advancement that resulted in great success. He challenged me to apply for jobs that I perceived as 'out of reach' and helped me find the confidence to aim high and proceed with self-assurance. He was practically more interested in the outcome than I was! I wound up in a much better, higher-paying job thanks to his guidance and will definitely call on him again when planning my next career move." 
- Jacob, Senior Financial Leader

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For Individuals:

Every successful coaching relationship begins with trust, accountability and openness. We begin by identifying your desired results and then work with rigor and discipline to put your game plan into motion. You are empowered to become the driver of your success, and you'll realize that you can truly accomplish what you set your mind to do.

I will help you take the next big steps in your life by equipping you with the right tools to pursue bold opportunities and transformational relationships. Contact me today and we'll begin with a powerful FREE coaching conversation!

As a result of working with me, my clients have reported:

·    Feeling a high-degree of confidence that they will achieve their biggest, boldest goals

·    Greater belief that they have enough time in their schedule to reach their lofty ambitions

·    Increasing their income and impact by getting the right things done, day-in-day-out

·    Having more time for family and what matters most

·     Less worry, fear and doubt about their future path; More focus and clarity

For Organizations: 

I provide executive coaching services for C-suite and senior leaders. I also lead workshops on values-based leadership, emotional intelligence and culture that help organizations define their vision, values, mission and purpose. I offer a free consultative call where I will discuss the ROI that this has yielded for previous clients.

I'm a facilitator and coach passionate about the development of employees. I believe happy, successful and engaged employees are the product of powerful leadership programs that foster a vibrant, winning culture.

What I ask of you:

Come in with an open mind that is willing to entertain all possibilities of success and career fulfillment. I promise you a transformational coaching experience that will open new doors and create new opportunities for you (and your organization) that will power you forward with clarity, confidence and purpose.

What People Are Saying About Christopher's Career Coaching:

"I worked with Chris on career transition and CV creation. Chris is very knowledgeable and with his questions and insights was really able to guide me. He is innovative and was able to use his experience to open up new ideas to me. I highly recommend Chris." - Alan, Senior Team Leader
"As a millennial trying to figure out how to find more growth and develop leadership skills in my career, Chris helped me to see a clearer path to those goals. He didn’t just offer generic advice and rhetoric, but he openly shared his own real life experiences, from his successes to his failures. His personal boldness in his professional pursuits motivated and inspired me. If you’re looking to take your career to the next-level, Chris will provide you with concrete strategies for realizing your professional and personal aspirations." - Ava, Senior Program Manager
"I highly recommend Christopher for career coaching and for anyone interested in building their career. Many people, such as myself, struggle with trying to figure out the next step in their career and the tools required to do so. Chris did a great job assisting me with developing the exact plan I needed to land the job I wanted." - Keenan, Program Analyst


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