Speaking and Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Leadership Consultant and Emotional Intelligence Workshops

I’m the founder of The Value of You Training & Consulting, and I’ve developed an interactive curriculum on emotional intelligence and values-based leadership that features engaging workshops for administrators, faculty and students. I work with independent schools and university athletic departments and help leaders and students build stronger relationships, make better-decisions and communicate more effectively.

Please contact me if you're interested in reviewing some sample curriculum resources, and if you'd like to schedule a brief conversation to discuss how we can bring the power of Emotional Intelligence to your university or school! 

Keynote Speaker: 

I'm a keynote speaker on topics such as: Values-based Leadership; Game-Changers Think Outside the Box; Using Emotional Intelligence to Your Advantage; and Finding Your Intersection of Passion, Purpose and Talent. I've delivered keynote speeches at global leadership summits, financial services events, trade organizations, corporate functions and academic institutions. I've made TV appearances on ABC-TV, and on radio on Sirius XM and iHeart radio. 

Hire me to speak at your conference, business, school, nonprofit or corporate event. I tailor every keynote to a specific topic to meet the goals and objectives of your audience. Contact me for my speaker's kit and a member of my team will respond!


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