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I'm an Author, Leadership Speaker and Executive Coach who helps champion leaders to increase their emotional intelligence, achieve goals and build thriving organizations.

Christopher D. Connors Emotional Intelligence Leadership Speaker
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Christopher has been a fantastic resource for over one year now. He's helped me identify areas of opportunity and provided real, actionable feedback that have helped me to improve as an executive. Christopher is a fantastic listener who helps you view issues through a different lens.

Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Fortune 50 Tech company

Christopher offered incredibly valuable guidance and asked the right questions to get me to think through how to manage through change. He was a great sounding board for several issues I faced over the last three years. Very valuable partner in my growth and development.

Senior Director

Fortune 50 Tech company

Christopher’s coaching framework for helping you to accentuate your strengths, better understand your blind spots and elevate your senior leaders to do great work has been a total game-changer for our organization.


Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods company

Christopher’s work with me on growing in self-awareness and guiding my team to communicate more effectively opened up so many doors that have made all of us better. Highly recommend working with Christopher and his Championship Leadership Inc. team

David Esoldo

Senior Sales Leader

Mitsubishi Electric

Christopher provided me with a framework that helped me to understand how I wanted to grow my career and elevate the people around me to do great work. He’s easy to speak with and always prepared.

Rani Richardson

Growth Marketing Director

Dassault Systemes

Christopher has been an amazing coach, thought partner and sounding board for me and our executive leadership team for five years. He’s authentic, genuine and always willing to challenge conventional wisdom. I highly recommend him—he’s empathetic and has taught all of us so much about how to lead with emotional intelligence.

Ryan Bamford

Athletic Director

University of Massachusetts

After each discussion with Christopher, I felt energized to address the issues discussed during the meeting. He challenges you in a positive way and gives you the time to talk through different topics with a unique perspective. He’s made a huge difference in my career.

Senior Vice President of Technology

Fortune 50 Tech company

Christopher is a coach who became a thought partner and someone who’s truly supported my leadership growth. He’s challenged me to think strategically and understand how to create leadership accountability. Highly recommend working with him!

Richard Weitz

Co Chairman

William Morris Endeavor (WME)

Christopher’s leadership team-building work has provided us with tools that we still use and have increased our performance and brought all of us closer together.

SVP of Operations

SVP of Operations


“I feel very fortunate that our key leaders participated in Christopher’s emotional intelligence workshop, as we all have leveraged the tools and insights he provided to help our Soldiers, Civilians, and Family members move forward. I am still providing copies of his book to key leaders in the battalion in an effort to help them hone their own emotional intelligence.”

Lieutenant Colonel Todd Harkrader

ARCENT Battalion Commander

U.S Army

The Champion Leader masterfully distills the essence of transformative leadership into actions that resonate on a deeply personal level. Christopher’s work is a vital resource that redefines what it means to be a leader in an era where emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of organizational success.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times Bestselling author

The Champion Leader beautifully articulates how to lead authentically and build a foundation of emotional intelligence to champion yourself and everyone around you to accomplish extraordinary results. This is an emotional intelligence playbook you’ll keep coming back to time and again.

Chester Elton

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

The Champion Leader is the ultimate EQ manual for any leader seeking new, inspired way to transform a group of individuals into a team. By embracing the people-first mentality of this book, anyone will be able to master the skills that help inspire, engage, and motivate their teams to reach new heights.

Angie Morgan Witkowski

New York Times Best-Selling Author of SPARK and Bet on You

"Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Leader shares practical tools and provides huge value for leaders of every kind that desire to motivate and relate to all aspects of a successful organization.”

Ryan Bamford

Director of Athletics

University of Massachusetts

"Great engagement on emotional intelligence and leadership that our cadets loved. We’ll have him back!"

Hargrave Military Academy

"Christopher’s authentic leadership approach to emotional intelligence was exactly what our organization needed to transform and take our leadership to the next level."

Edward Jones

“Christopher provides you with stories, examples & actionable takeaways that help you grow your emotional intelligence. This is a must-have conversation for improving organizational culture.”

Kevin Kruse

New York Times bestselling author, CEO of Leadx


"Very practical tips and tools for building connection and engaging employees in a hybrid environment."

Northrop Grumman

“Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Leader is a must-have for people looking to strengthen the spirit of their organization and to understand what authentic leadership means.”

Coach Mike Bayer

2x New York Times bestselling author; Dr. Phil Regular contributor

"Engaging. Powerful. A masterclass in Emotional Intelligence for Leaders."

Medical University of South Carolina Leaders

“Emotional Intelligence For The Modern Leader is the most concise, practical ‘how-to’ guide on emotional intelligence."

Josh Linkner

5-time tech entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author

"What a great conversation! Our employees really enjoyed learning about how to use emotional intelligence and especially how important self awareness is to their growth and development. A very impactful workshop."


Learning & Development Leader


"Our team found so much value in our session to discuss emotional intelligence as a group. Full of thought-provoking questions and a clear, meaningful message that has already had a huge impact on our organization." CEO, technology organization

Fortune 500 Tech Company

"Exactly the leadership message our organization needed to hear. Sincere, funny and inspiring. Outstanding."

Global Business Travelers Association

"Excellent talk on team-building and virtual communications with clear, actionable takeaways on how to lead through change. Highly recommend."

ImagineX Consulting



"10 out of 10! Christopher’s message on emotional intelligence and team-building Was a game changer for our coaches and senior administrators."

Ryan Bamford

Director of Athletics

Umass Athletics

"Christopher’s emotional intelligence keynote was a great addition to our sales meeting. He gave us excellent tools and ideas for communicating with each other and our customers. A powerful session that helped us re-focus toward achieving our goals in FY 2021!"

Dan Dinnar


Source Defense


Christopher D. Connors is the author of insightful books on leadership and personal development, offering readers valuable strategies for enhancing emotional intelligence, improving leadership skills and achieving professional success

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Christopher D. Connors

Christopher D. Connors is one of the world’s most sought after speakers on emotional intelligence & championship leadership. Christopher will equip you with the tools you need to lead and live like a champion.

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One of the world's most sought after leadership speakers

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Christopher D. Connors Linkedin Learning Course "Leading with Emotional Intelligence"
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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

In the modern workplace, emotional intelligence drives championship leadership. In this course, leadership speaker, bestselling author, and executive coach Christopher D. Connors presents practical, actionable guidance on building self-awareness, and the skills to lead effectively in a workplace that has been transformed. Learn how to apply emotional intelligence in a skills-first organization, blend emotional intelligence leadership with psychological safety, inspire your people, lead change, and more. Plus, go through six scenarios that demonstrate emotional intelligence in action.

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