Championship leadership Consulting for high-performing teams

Prioritizing your team’s growth and development leads to creating a culture of connection where employees thrive and incredible results are achieved. By putting your employees first, you’re able to meet your customers with exceptional service that turns them into enthusiastic supporters. Led by the strategy of Christopher’s team, Championship Leadership Inc., Christopher and his associates will work with you to lead an organizational health assessment, provide custom-fit team-building workshops and enable you to understand strengths, challenges and obstacles to setting a solid foundation for sustainable success.

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Get Winning Results

In Christopher D. Connors' leadership consulting, his signature program Emotional Intelligence for Championship Leaders © integrates emotional intelligence into your culture for winning results. Working with your leadership team, this approach leverages emotional intelligence to build cohesive relationships by focusing on how to attract, how to engage and how to retain your best employees. This will align with your mission, values and strategic goals. Through interactive discussions and team-building exercises, Championship Leadership Inc. will address challenges, preparing employees with optimism and empathy.

With a comprehensive strategic approach rooted in his books, The Champion Leader and Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Leader, this program helps you to create a championship culture with a foundation of emotional intelligence. For more information, contact Christopher and his team directly from the Contact Page.


  • A hands-on "How-to" understanding of what emotional intelligence is and exactly how to use it to your advantage to build high-performing teams and identify opportunities to advance strategic goals
  • Getting to the root-cause of identifying your biggest challenges— removing roadblocks and obstacles to success and creating an execution plan to ensure you're mitigating and eliminating threats to your business
  • Strategies for managing-up and managing-down to leaders and employees
  • Identifying practical solutions to address and remove implicit bias and negative-thinking from your culture
  • Demonstrating the styles of emotionally intelligent leadership and applying the way each style can effectively be used in unique situations
  • Strengths-based focus on ways top performers can recognize and leverage strengths, and open lines of communication to support one another
  • Creating a “Game Plan” for top-performers to ignite professional growth that ties back to values, mission and purpose
  • Creating a finished product of an emotional intelligence playbook that leads to transformation and a healthy culture going forward

Championship Leadership Inc. has helped thousands of executives and leaders make the transformation necessary to creating a thriving culture that attracts, engages and retains its best employees. Let’s connect and discuss how your organization can take success to the next level.


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