Meet Christopher

My mission in life is to help you on your journey of becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be. I hope to inspire, influence and lead you toward understanding and achieving your maximum potential. That’s it! There’s my mission statement. Oh! You want more?

I am a coach, blogger, speaker, and author of the Amazon bestselling book, The Value of You. I focus on personal development, values and emotional intelligence, in an effort to deliver value that will help enrich your life. I write about success, leadership, overcoming adversity and the challenges to living a life of fulfillment. I write and lead from the heart, leaning on my business, coaching and athletic experience. I combine these skills with a strong belief in God and an unquenchable thirst for living a purpose-driven life.

I'm the proud husband of a loving, sassy (and super-successful) wife and the adoring father of two beautiful, rambunctious boys. I’ve been blessed with the best parents and brothers any man could ask for. Above everything, my family and faith mean the most to me. My happiest moments are spent with my loved ones and close friends. In my free time, I love learning, reading and coaching basketball. While I live in lovely Charleston, South Carolina, you'll find me in New York several times each year visiting family and catching a baseball game. I’m a Long Island native and unequivocally the world’s biggest New York Yankees fan.

Come along on your life's journey with me. I encourage you to live boldly and create the life you've envisioned in your dreams. It’s yours if you truly want it. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and hopefully learning more about yours!

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I offer freelance writing on a contract-basis. My writing has appeared on CNBC, The Ladders, Thrive Global, World Economic Forum, Quartz, Thought Catalog and HuffPost. I am one of the top writers on I specialize in business communications and personal development content (topics include: emotional intelligence, motivational leadership, inspiration, faith, success). I craft messaging for executives and business leaders, as well as medium-large sized businesses looking to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Check out my blog for writing samples and contact me if you’re interested in connecting.


I'm a leading speaker on topics such as: Building Your Values-Based Game Plan; Converting Losses into Wins; Using Emotional Intelligence to Your Advantage; and Finding Your Intersection of Passion, Purpose and Talent. I've made TV appearances on ABC-TV, and on radio on Sirius XM and iHeart radio.

Hire me to speak at your conference, business, school, nonprofit or corporate event. I tailor every keynote and talk to a specific topic to meet the goals and objectives of your audience. Contact me for my speaker's kit and a member of my team will respond. I look forward to working with you!


I work with individuals and organizations providing professional coaching and leadership development consulting.

For Individuals:

I help you achieve the results you want by clarifying your goals and purpose, and focusing on the things that matter. By understanding your needs and helping you define success, we work together to craft the game plan for your life. I am a coach and servant leader who puts you, the client, first. Using my background of 15 years of working with executives, senior leaders and managers in management consulting and industry, I lead by example with honesty, enthusiasm and empathy. I will empower you to take the next big steps in your life by equipping you with the right tools to pursue bold opportunities and transformational relationships.

Great coaching is all about extracting and giving life to the limitless potential inside of you, the individual. Let's get started and begin crafting that vision today. You'll be amazed and what we will uncover and discover together!

How I work:

We get to know one another and I listen intently to your needs. We explore where you are in your life and what catalysts will take you to where you most want to be.

What I ask of you:

Come in with an open mind that is willing to entertain all possibilities of success and happiness. I promise you a transformational coaching experience that will open new doors and create new opportunities for you that you previously thought weren't possible.

For Organizations:


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