Keynote Topic

How to Lead From the Heart with Emotional Intelligence Through Change and Adversity

Empathy is The Champion Leader superpower that unites people to achieve your organizational mission and goals. Yet, so many leaders don’t know how to use empathy to communicate and effectively support their employees. Learning this coveted skill helps you retain your top performers and forges a long-term, rewarding partnership that leads to growth and results.

Christopher shows you exactly what emotionally intelligent leadership is and how modern leaders use empathy to have authentic conversations. Christopher provides you with seven practical leadership tools you can use right away to create an empathic, sustainable and supportive culture that everyone wants to be a part of.

When we lead from the heart, we have a positive impact on ourselves, the people we lead and our customers. Based on the research and examples from his books Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Leader and The Value of You, Christopher provides practical tools to help you adapt and lead in both a hybrid and virtual workplace.


  • Actionable steps you can take on team-building, change and integrating EQ into your culture
  • A clear understanding on the roadblocks and obstacles to building a great culture
  • Inspirational examples of leadership that you can emulate where you are today
  • Tools and exercises you can use to lead with empathy to inspire the peoople you lead

Business Areas of Focus:

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  • Culture
  • Vision and Values
  • Employee Engagement
  • Retention
  • Sales Performance
  • Motivation

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