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The Most Important Workplace Quality for 2023

Leaders and organizations are looking for the top qualities that make up a successful workforce. As study after study continues to show us- many employees, in particular millennials and Gen Z, highly value wellbeing in the workplace. Great cultures begin with people. The best employees are engaged, motivated and purpose-driven.

What I've learned in my work with organizations is that individual job performance is clearly impacted by the culture the organization cultivates, and certainly by each leader's direct interactions with their teams. When you have a manager who communicates effectively, works to build relationships and lifts people up, you're empowering your people to focus on being the best they can be in their roles. This is preceded by the organization fostering an environment with a positive culture and energizing people will wellbeing programs, active engagement in strategizing ideas and asking them what they need.

To increase engagement, give your people the latitude to be themselves. Provide training to managers that help them to see the big picture- not just driving the next task to completion. Have regular 1:1's, use team meetings to get to know people, allow them time for career growth. And remember this as a leader-- EVERY touchpoint is an opportunity to craft a unique relationship and help someone to grow.

What have you found works as a leader to increase engagement among your employees?

Leadership is a contact sport. Initiating conversations, creating an emotionally intelligent culture and connecting with your people is what leads to employee wellbeing. This leads to people wanting to be a part of what you're building.

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