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The Winning Combination that Helps You Achieve Big Results

The combination of vulnerability, acceptance and the will to change form the most powerful combination in helping you get your most powerful results.

Embracing your good and bad, becoming accepting and confident in your abilities, and where you’re not confident, becoming vulnerable and courageous enough to explore, will lead you to the life and career you’ve always wanted. We take enormous strides in our development when we become brave enough to ask others for help.

Find people better than you — who will make you better — and combine your desire to push yourself with the surrounding voices of people who demand your best. This is what competitive greatness on the individual-level is all about! This is where self-confidence emerges and faith blossoms.

Vulnerability opens the door to allowing others to help you.

This is such an important distinction, because in order to do truly great things, you need other people to elevate, educate and empathize with you — right where you are.

This can come in the form of hiring a leadership coach or meeting a networking contact, or even attending a local workshop where you find someone who has previously been in your shoes.

Acceptance is really a catch-all for accountability, acknowledgement and increased peace of mind that allows you to move forward with confidence and conviction. The evolution of life is omnipresent, and yet so often we reject the changing winds of existence because we simply don’t want to face what’s next.

There’s inertia in staying stuck where we are, yet we get too comfortable with a lack of progress.

And for what?

Is it a lack of thought or lack of action?

The relationship is reciprocal, and the lack of results glaring. We get bothered by not bothering, and we become worried about our future by not worrying enough to change our present.

The problem with a lack of progress is that we don’t ever truly accept it, even though we live it. Staying stuck actually takes us backwards. How can we move forward onto bigger and better “next's” when we keep beating ourselves up about past failures, mistakes and setbacks?

How can we get powerful, tangible results when we live in fear — with limiting beliefs about what is possible?

Acceptance means coming to peace with your past, all that has transpired, and all that has led you to the moment that you’re in. Acceptance means a willingness to embrace an action plan — a game plan — that is engineered to yield powerful outcomes because its foundation is in the results you desire.

This plan is applicable to any endeavor that you choose.

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” — Paulo Coelho

Want to be a chief executive officer? You’ll get there more efficiently if you have a plan and process in mind for what you want to do.

Want to be a top sales leader? To see it through you’ll need a plan that you back up with persistence and diligence.

The point is, great results are born from accepting yourself for who you are, right where you are at that point in time. When you do, you’re able to highlight your strengths, as well as the areas where you need to improve. Complementing this with vulnerability, you’re now very open-minded, humble and versatile enough to make your next move really count.

The will to change is best qualified by saying — the will to change your mindset into a powerful blend of positivity, faith, confidence and resolute force that becomes indestructible. This is all about your mindset and how you approach every hour of each day. You have to tackle the tasks in front of you with a dedicated belief, commitment and purpose.

You have to see them through to completion, because each gain that you lock-in empowers you to progress to the next task in front of you.

That is how you begin to get the biggest results of your life. If you find yourself right now thinking, “I know I’ve been successful — but I don’t always feel successful on most days. I know something bigger and better is out there, but I just keep kicking the tires on HOW to get there…”

Then rest assured, you’ve joined the club of millions.

The truth is, I was there myself once, too. And I fought to reclaim the life I wanted to live on my terms. I’m proud to say that I’ve lived it and done it and now I help others live their dreams on their terms. It’s not such a crazy idea, really. You can, too. The key is to convince yourself that you can, even when you don’t immediately see the rewards of your hard work.

Just know, most everyone builds in the name of achieving results. The problem is that most people miss the forest for the trees by not having a plan. You must have a plan. That starts with reigniting your passion and recognizing the key ingredients that you need to set the foundation for your biggest and boldest results.

Don’t get angry, frustrated or upset.

Begin today and re-imagine the world you’ve always known you can create.

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