Keynote Topic

Shifting from Transactional to Transformational Leadership: How to Lead People-First and Build a Championship Organization

Why do some leaders fail to connect with their teams, and as a result fail to achieve their goals? They forget to put people-first. In other words, they fail to value what’s most important and what makes achievement possible. Working for a transactional leader is not very rewarding. It can lead to burnout, poor communication and a feeling that you’re more of a commodity than a valued team member.

All of us in life and business seek belonging and connection—the desire to feel that both our contributions and best selves are accepted and valued by our colleagues and customers. In this inspiring keynote born from working with and studying thousands of the world’s top organizations over the past 20 years, Christopher will show you what not to do, and exactly what and how transformational leadership will allow you to engage, retain and motivate your employees to always show up as their best selves.

Championship organizations have vibrant cultures of camaraderie, excitement and belonging. When leaders build trust and champion the growth and wellbeing of their employees, positive results follow. How you communicate, motivate and build relationships with your employees shapes the future path of your organization. Champion leaders foster connection with their teams at all levels of their organization and create thriving relationships.

How you show up, is how they will show up. That is the spirit of transformational leadership. Inspirational, practical and always with some fun & humor mixed in, this keynote will inspire and equip your employees to achieve game-changing results and build enduring relationships. Based on the research from his books, The Champion Leader and Emotional Intelligence for the Modern Leader, Christopher provides practical tools to help you transform the way you lead and positively influence the lives of everyone around you.


  • A clear, practical understanding of how to build powerful leadership connection
  • 3 easy-to-implement ideas you can use to communicate effectively and build relationships across your organization
  • Clarity on how to motivate and engage your employees to help improve their wellbeing
  • Tools for self-awareness that help you adapt to leadership challenges in changing times

Business Areas of Focus:

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Retention
  • Sales Performance
  • Culture
  • Relationship-Building

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