Keynote Topic

The Five Hallmarks Of Winning Teams: The Keys That Power Leading Organizations

Every day, we partner with colleagues across business units to collaborate and achieve shared goals. Building relationships isn't easy; there's an art to influencing and creating connection. Winning teams know that commitment and focus is infectious and trust is build through something bigger than just a shared task.

Personalizing relationships with candor, curiosity and empathy motivate and inspire people to come together. The key is aligning your team with the vision, values and mission of your organization.

This interactive workshop highlights five, specific elements that comprise the attributes of winning teams and shows you how to integrate these into elevating your team's performance and camaraderie to the next level. These are the essential attributes of any team- in all industries.

Christopher uses examples from championship sports organizations, start-ups, businesses and schools to provide you with actionable takeaways to strengthen your leadership and achieve strategic initiatives. Thriving organizations are built on great relationships formed by winning teams.


  • A renewed focus on building powerful relationships and infusing your culture with positivity
  • Clear direction for forming teams and creating buy-in toward achieving shared goals
  • A “Game Plan” for building a winning team crafted to your organization's vision and values
  • Communication tools to implement in each team environment that promote healthy, constructive discussion

Business Areas of Focus:

  • Team-Building
  • Culture
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Vision and Values
  • Employee Engagement
  • Sales Performance
  • Motivation

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